About Mike

Mike’s not a normal kind of guy. Meet him once and that’s apparent. When other kids were starting garage bands, he was hanging out at the local radio station and sneaking in to nightclubs. When his friends were playing with bicycles, he was messing with mixers and turntables.


And so began an era of misspent time, bourbon-fueled dance parties, some incredible friendships, and not just a small amount of hearing loss.

Mike and Gazuza

Michael Heath Silverman started down his path of musical madness at the age of 14 doing the Top 40 Countdown every Sunday on WINX AM. Over the next 4 years Mike would find the microphones at WMET, WRQX, WBMW, WROC, and WMCR, eventually spinning alternative and underground punk shows.

Julius Wedding

Mike’s been honored to spin at some of DC’s legendary clubs: Tracks, Fifth Column, The Vault, DC Space, the original 9:30 Club (when it was still at 930 F St.), and countless other venues. His style of combining punk rock with techno and Detroit house led him to be a sought-after DJ in DC and Baltimore throughout the 90′s. His notorious ability to get lost while driving (even in his own city!) earned him the nickname “FugAmI” – as in “Where the f*&^% Am I?” – Mike’s well-known vehicular battle cry.

Mike Disco Halloween 2009 Trails

As people age, so often do their tastes. Mike’s style eventually migrated to an edgier Chicago/French style house sound that’s been known to include funk, tribal, and electro beats. His eclectic mixes of classically styled house into harder tribal beats are notorious for creating scandalous outcomes – lost undergarments, legendary hangovers, and the occasional walk of shame.

Mike on RK

Mike’s had the honor of sharing the booth with such house music luminaries as: Jesse Saunders, Chuck Love, Wolfgang Gartner, Gene Farris, John Tejada, DJ Colette, Marques Wyatt, and JP Rigaud. Mike’s played events ranging from Winter Music Conference and NAMM to the Baltimore Music Conference and the HFStival. His residencies have included: Gazuza, Aqua, Heaven and Hell, The Tombs, Nolan’s, Lotus, Muse, and Current. Mike’s current residency is ScandalDC where he spins with his friends Christauff and Stylo.

Mike in Party Shades

So come along for the ride. Check your ego and your prejudices at the door. Put down the iPhone and pick up a cocktail. Hook up with a stranger, or lie about it later to your friends. This shit’s about to get funky.


Mike is a member of ScandalDC

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