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Viola Wills the career of a Disco Diva…if you could read my mind and so much more

I’m going to re-post this blog again because it’s one of my most popular since I started this blog years ago.  I’ve added yet another zip which may have doubles of some of the other stuff but as alway, enjoy.  I think it’s worth sharing again for my more recent readers.  This is the third

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Agostino Presta as Ago in the best italo disco album ever recorded For You

repost with refreshed links1982 Full Time Records Italy release Ago is one of my all time favorite Italo Disco releases.  I would venture to call it the best Italo Disco full album ever recorded.I enjoy listening to it straight through, each and every track.  I can’t say that for many albums. Agostino Presta made a

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