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Viola Wills the career of a Disco Diva…if you could read my mind and so much more

I’m going to re-post this blog again because it’s one of my most popular since I started this blog years ago.  I’ve added yet another zip which may have doubles of some of the other stuff but as alway, enjoy.  I think it’s worth sharing again for my more recent readers.  This is the third

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Thelma Houston don’t call her a one hit wonder

Thelma Houston is the quintissential always the bridesmaid never the bride.  Though she will be remembered for that one time she did have a #1 hit in 1977 which also earned her a grammy for Best Female R and B Vocal Performance which is nothing to shake a stick, pub-9672253206618216, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 It was

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LIME gets a bad rap, classic HI NRG from Canada

Lime was the most influential Hi Nrg act of all time, followed by Bobby O in all his incarnations.    ON THE GRID SO MUCH LIMEVocals on helium and a full-stop embrace of HI NRG.  Lime really gets a bad rap.  Do they really deserve it?  If you were going to judge them on success

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