Nu Notes

. Fuminori Kagajo feat. Mike CityAs A Friend               Nu Notes Music .Written by Mike City, Kengo Ono & Fuminori Kagajo. Originally produced by Fuminori Kagajo. Remixes & additional production by DJ Spinna and Dazzle Drums.   . samples

DeeperSoul Session 317

. DJ: Souldeep Sikh  Affiliation: Bombay Mix Sessions Country: India / UK .Listen / Download .1. Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, LCO, Heidi Vogel – Fly Me With You 2. GU & Loftsoul – Sakura (Main Mix) 3. Doug Gomez, Peter Jericho – Mixed Feelings (Merecumbe Soul Mix) 4. Anthony Nicholson, Mark De Clive-Lowe – Another Story (Original Mix) 5. Steal

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. Doug Gomez feat. Peter JerichoMixed Feelings                    Merecumbe Recordings .Produced and mixed by Doug Gomez. Vocals written and performed by Peter Jericho. Bass & Synth Solo by Shawn Lucas.    . samples


. OVEOUS feat. Tasha Blank Breathe In               Yoruba Records .Written by OVEOUS & Tasha Blank. Produced by OVEOUS. Vocals by Tasha Blank. Remix by Dave D*Sol Rivera. Keys by Ezel. . samples

DeeperSoul Session 316

. DJ: Tshepo Semenya aka Mellowman Affiliation: Love Arts Of The Diaspora Sounds / DeeperSoul   Country: South Africa .Listen / Download  . 1. Duran, Garcia – Heavy Piano 2. Hanna – Adam & Eve & the Serpent 3. DJ Aakmael – Jazz Piece 2 4. HANNA – Humboldt Park 5. Habibi Grooves – Jazzville (Original Mix) 6. Workerz – Jazz Inspired 7.

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. Lars Bartkuhn Human                    Visions Inc .Music composed, performed and produced by Lars Bartkuhn. Al keys, synths, guitars, vocals, drums and percussion by Lars Bartkuhn. Alto Saxophone by Oliver Leicht.    . samples