Agostino Presta as Ago in the best italo disco album ever recorded For You

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1982 Full Time Records Italy release Ago is one of my all time favorite Italo Disco releases.  I would venture to call it the best Italo Disco full album ever recorded.
I enjoy listening to it straight through, each and every track.  I can’t say that for many albums.

Agostino Presta made a funky type of italo disco.  He quickly became one of the faces of italo disco and appeared on many t.v. shows around Europe.

Some of his notable releases after this delicious For You l.p. are Computer in my Mind and I Want You.  You Make Me Do It was recorded in the studio named Calieri in Bari, so unlike most Italo Disco this was a made in Italy doc from the Southern part of the peninsula.  It was a maxi single in 1981 so it’s also one of the earliest releases of the genre.
Italian critics never embraced it but in any case it’s considered one of the true classics of the italo disco genre.

I wonder if this post will reach beyond the few typical Italo Disco fans on the site.  It’s definitely worth a listen even for those that are not usually turned on to Italo Disco.  I think it’s also quite demonstrative of what many called boogie in the early 80’s.  I’ve even heard it called Modern Soul.